Sunrise Doors
Filename Size Date Description
221,975 12/22/19 TRIANGLE Solitaire - Door Game v3.6 .
** Part of the Sunrise Door Collection **
Remove all cards from the pyramid in Pairs
that equal 13. Fast-paced solitaire game.
Makeup games missed during the month.
Automatic game reset & Hall of Fame
bulletins, at end of month. Supports
Multi-port cards, including PCBoard /M.
******* INTER-BBS Capable *******
123,775 12/28/19 DOMINOES - Door Game v1.4 .
** Part of the Sunrise Door Collection **
An all time favorite! Fast-paced, challenging
simulation of the ever popular game played by
everyone at some time in their life.
Makeup games missed, during the month.
Automatic game reset & Hall of Fame
bulletins, at end of month. BRUN45.EXE is NOT
required! FOSSIL support for Multi-port cards
225,117 12/28/19 LADDERS Dice - Door Game v4.4 .
** Part of the Sunrise Door Collection **
If you use the right strategy and have plenty
of luck, you will climb the ladders and
"capture" the required number to earn points.
Makeup games missed during the month. Auto
game reset & HOF bulletins. FEATURING 'POOL'
points & REAL TIME scoring! Supports Fossil-
based Multi-port cards, incl PCB /M version!
>>>>> I N T E R - B B S Capable <<<<<
Total files: 3 (0mb)
Filename Size Date Description
155,209 02/19/18 ÚÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄþÍÍÍÍÍ)¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
³ Black Acid Productions
³ Baldur's Camp gives the players a wide
variety o
³ aside from the actual game. There is the Rat
³ ANSI-mated race that the players can bet on
³ the race and the ANSImation is fully ANSI
³ players do not have ANSI support it will not
³ it is optional anyways! Then there is the
³ players may go and fight other monsters and
³ not allow the users to fight more then their
³ day. The Sewers let the users walk around in
³ dungeon and run into monsters they can
fight. T
³ users have a drink or talk to the bartender.
³ $2 Shareware is WELL worth
61,910 02/19/18 -=Barak's House v2.02 : LORD IGM=-
In Game Module for the door LORD.
Your users can meet Barak and his
crazy mother! -=-=- By Seth Able
UPDATED to remove RTE:200 Error by
Vagabond Software.
31,258 02/19/18 Barton's Battle Training: A great IGM (In
Game Module) for LORD 3.26+. Barton can
very helpful in learning new combat skills
to enable you to kill that nasty dragon!
106,031 02/19/18 Caves Of Despair v1.01 - A LORD IGM
Caves Of Despair is an In Game Module
by Jeff Fanjoy, for Legend Of the Red
Dragon. Features include monsters which
span all 12 levels of LORD, a complete
mail system so that users under a multi-
node environment aren't "cut-off" while
using the IGM as well as many events for
the entertainment of the LORD enthusiast
66,183 02/19/18 CASTLE OF LORD v2.10 IGM for LORD
The long awaited update of the great
IGM! All known bugs were fixed, comm
drivers were updated, etc.
Archonware BBS : (540)341-1865
60,383 02/19/18 -=-=-=-=Red Dragons' Lair v1.8=-=-=-=-
An IGM for Seth Robinsons' Legend
of the Red Dragon, where you can
Mine for Gems, Pan for Gold, fight
the Green or the Purple Dragon, &
Check-out Dragon Queens' Market,
plus many other challenges.
Written with Korombos' Pascal
IGMDRV. Only $5 to register.
51,061 02/19/18 -= NPCLord V2.0! For L.O.R.D. v3.20+ =-
Allows you to create and run NPCs
in Lord. NPCs do everything humans
do, except write mail. Create up
to 140 NPCs! LordWare by SOS!
49,819 02/19/18 øThe Oasis of El-Sayalø
Version 1.09
A new IGM for Legend of the Red Dragon.
Trade, intrigue, and ancient mysteries.
Explore the southern deserts and solve
the various quests.
Negative bug has been fixed!!
Daimar Systems - David Holderness
Make your way past the Skeletons to capture
the Key from the Phantom in the Cemetery.
Enter the Mausoleum and see if you can
survive the plunge through the Deep Abyss.
Find the Treasure or Rescue the Victim if
you can survive the Creatures that await
you in the Catacombs. Earn Bonus Quests!
Unzip in its own UNIQUE directory.
------------------= * =---------------------
539,348 02/24/18 Unoffical lord48 beta full - no affiliation
with g
-= Legend Of The Red Dragon 4.08 BETA =-
From the ashes, the Dragon rides
again! Major release featuring
low cpu usage, cosmetic speed
improvements, edit most everything!
This is a full version of lord 4.8 with some
corrections to lordtxt.dat to correct display
i created this archive because some people
were ha
issues with updating.
Also current RELEASE version 4.7 has a crash
allows users to boost their stats.
94,941 12/29/19 LORD COUNTY FAIR -- An In Game Module (IGM).
**Now! Unzip in its OWN \FAIR subdirectory!*
Spend a Day at the Fair & visit the Balloon
Pop & Medicine Man. Can you be a Pie Eating
Champ? Plant a wet one on your favorite
sweetie at the Kissing Booth. Join the Spear
Toss & Javelin Throw Tournaments. Check out
the Haunted & Enchanted Forests & Fairy
Catch. Slosh enemies in the Dunk Tank!
------------------= * =---------------------
³ Maldorf's Mountain Version 2.5 ³
³ A FreeWare IGM for Lord Ver 3.26a+ ³
³ The Legendary Wizard named Maldorf ³
³ who lives high atop a mountain is ³
³ here now to help Warriors of Lord ³
³ in their quest, if they are deemed ³
³ worthy. New features include: ³
³ o As per MANY people's requests, ³
³ now in this version! ³
³ o Re-Wrote User Records. In the ³
³ previous versions, a user could ³
³ change their name repeatedly, & ³
³ enter Maldorf's more than once ³
114,838 12/29/19 The Outlands Tavern v1.1 LORD IGM
For LORD 3.50+ - Minor bug fix! A nice
little place to visit or perhaps to stay the
night! Keeps users (mostly) save and warm
during the night, plus they can eat, drink,
talk, PARTY, and get drunk! Now uses LORD
v3.55 BADWORDS.DAT and includes a hard to get
in Back Room! FREEWARE, from the author of
LordStat and The L.O.R.D. Cavern.
43,550 12/29/19 -=> Turgon's House v2.5 LORD IGM <=- FREEWARE
L.O.R.D. IGM! Find Armour, Weapons, Gems,
Trouble, and all the other attributes in
L.O.R.D.! [- SKI - Software] For L.O.R.D. 3.5!
Much better than earlier releases! Ease of
5,277 01/09/20 The $word in the $tone v1.0
Authors: MeRcEr (Michael Naeseth), and
Pull out the $word from the $tone,
discover the lost treasure of Stone
Brook. But remember, you only get
one pull per day so make it a good
10,152 01/09/20 Arris Training Grounds v1.01: A LORD 2 IGM
This IGM adds a second training center on
the Arris continent. It also adds a new
arena (similar to the BownTown Arena) and
a healer (Expensive. The healer charges
$2 per HP.)
Players can also purchase some weapons and
armors from the Arena Master, and fight 6
new training bosses in 6 new locations!
Author: Jay Weber (aka Elric, Anakha, and
(C) 1997 ShroomTrip Software
4,976 01/09/20 -= Big Bad Bait Shop v0.6b =-
A Lord2 IGM by Jon Hanson
AKA Phobos
A quaint little bait shop
with a few added quirks
and secrets. More than
meets the eye!!!
6,341 01/09/20 -=Bandit's Hideout IGM v2.0=-
An IGM for LORD II v1.00 or newer. Raid
The rewards are high but the penalties are
2 new maps and a .ref file. Uses Seth's
install pr
easy installation.
19,277 01/09/20 The Blue Dragon's Challenge v0.99
Lord 2 IGM
Author: Ben Mondoux / SlayerSoft Programming
An IGM where you are kidnapped by the Blue
Dragon and imprisoned, solve his puzzles to
get out. Plenty of movement here. This is
an unfinished version. Some stuff will be
added later.
5,267 01/09/20 -= Bowntown Fortress v1.0 for LORD2 =-
A simple IGM for I made for LORD2.
Includes 3 new maps.
Bowntown Fortress is a fortress
that is found near Bowntown.
Bowntown Fortress includes an
Bank, weapon store, armour store,
healers, potion shop.
Created by Brady Wishnowsky.
8,038 01/09/20 -=Breanna's Cove IGM v2.0=-
An IGM for LORD II v1.00 or newer. Do
you accept Breanna's challange? Includes
2 new maps and a .ref file. Uses Seth's
install program for easy installation.
Compliments of Chet Rhodes (Hawkmoon)
Hawkmoon's Realm BBS FIDO 1:151/131
10,023 01/09/20 Dark Cloak Ruins v2.00: A LORD 2 IGM
Explore the ruins of the Dark Cloak Tavern.
Players can talk to Tarrin and learn about
color codes, play a game with the Old Man,
change their name, and attempt to become a
True Warrior!
Author: Jay Weber (aka Elric, Anakha, and
(C) 1997 ShroomTrip Software
11,440 01/09/20 Northlands Coliseum v1.00b: A LORD 2 IGM
This IGM adds a Coliseum in the
Northlands. You get to bet on which
monster will win a fight. The amount of
you can bet is $100 - $1,000, and you
are limited to 6 bets per day.
Author: Jay Weber (aka Elric, Anakha, and
(C) 1997 ShroomTrip Software
2,617 01/09/20 Castle Coldrake
Lord 2 IGM
Author: Michael Lander: Alias X-)
The main reason for this IGM is to
make Castle Coldrake look less ugly.
No REFs have been altered it was
only made to replace the graphics.
11,734 01/09/20 Crestwood/Dragon Lair Pack
Lord 2 IGM
Author: Stephen Walls
E-Mail: (ArticNight IGMs)
Freeware. Crestwood is in the eyes of
most, the best IGM/Town ever made for Lord2.
This town has it all! With the normal
shops this comes with a free teleporter. But
the b
the Training Center. Even if you fail with the
in GreenTree you can still level up here!
Once again you can meet up with SAINT: The
Lord2 player I have ever met. PLUS: Fight the
If you can... Have fun with this one!
34,460 01/09/20 The Pit by Codax of Dragon's Den Ultd
Jump down The Pit Located 1 mile south
of the Dark Forest Gate and find a city
destroyed by an earthquake and guarded
by a monster is different everytime you
find him! And get this...they only use
potions for money. Can you find the
way out....Or will you be stuck
planting fields, getting water, and
fighting for the rest of your life!!!
(Blue Potions problem fixed) ver 2
(Map Problem Fixed, Added more text,
and a jump feature) ver 3
(Fixed Shara's Lake problems, farm probs,
and write.exe conversion error in igm) ver
31,270 01/09/20 The Pond by Codax of Dragon's Den Ultd
This igm requires a registration code to
go on a quest to sober the some frogs
also to sell the old boot, Dragon fish, and
the lawyer fish....
In the UNREGISTERED version you can
fish and sell the flaming fish, angel fish,
and the dog fish.
23,526 01/09/20 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
Descent of the Dragon v1.50
an IGM for LORD II
Fight the Blue Dragon and
her babies. Soda Machine
Patch included.
73,460 01/09/20 Doc Farrell v3.01a
AUTHOR: Kevin Farrell
Doc Farrell is a doctors office
about 2 miles south of the Stonepass
Lodge. The Doc will heal you, give
you money (if you get the password),
and there is a hidden cave which you
can go to if you find it and the key!
13,596 01/09/20 Dominus Castle v2.21
Lord 2 IGM
Author: Stephen Walls
This castle contains a training center
in which only the people in the
castle can use, an Armoury, Wizard,
Generals, even a war room, it also
contains 6 bedrooms! A must have!
NEW: Allows people to place 50,000$
bounties and you can sneek into other
castles. Now Dominus castle has a bank!
And, here at Dominus Castle, Bobby
likes to spend a weekend relaxing ;)
18,327 01/09/20 Dragon's Den Housing v3.00 by Codax
I have decided to make this igm a
freeware igm. All I asked was a
little help with getting my BBS up
but no one wanted to pitch in just
$5 dollars. I would still like don-
ations. For info on donations email
me at Dragon's
Den Housing lets you rent out 4 hutts
and 2 houses and lets you own 3 castles
each with it's own suprise. Stone me
if you dare! Listen to Darlatia's tale
about the Dragon & Phoenix War. Enjoy!
7,046 01/09/20 The Cave of Hope & Despair
Enter a cave of both hope
and despair. Take caution
as you search for the chest
watch out for waterholes and
the magic that can both hurt
you and heal you! Help out
a lost warrior in the caves
once a day...but that's not
40,584 01/09/20 LORD2 IGM Alien Landing!
GREAT PROGRAM (IGM) for LORD2 -=- New World
with A
23,405 01/09/20 -=-=- Ye Olde Farm ver 1.0 for Lord2 -=-=-
Visit this old farm in the forest. Solve
the mystery, and you'll be able to farm
for gold!
Tech'N Software - Lloyd Hannesson --
3,281 01/09/20 The Faerie Glade IGM for LORD 2 Beta 7+
Visit the Faerie Glade and talk to some
Faeeries! Talk to the Faerie Queen, who
says 9 different things! "Arrange the
Flowers" to leave a message, like in
LORD 3.55!
Freeware from ShroomTrip Software.
Written by Jay Weber
12,891 01/09/20 -=-=- Felicity's Temple ver 1.0 for Lord2 -=-
A new IGM for Lord 2. Talk to Felicity, find
the Janitor, purchase a new home!
Tech'N Software - Lloyd Hannesson
8,101 01/09/20 The Lands of Glendale
A moderate size IGM for
LORD2. My Best yet
3,290 01/09/20 Highton Thieves' Guild LORD II IGM
Assembled from Lord II: CNW program files.
Author: unknown
Description: The Thieves' Guild of Highton is
looking for recruits. This IGM adds a Thieves
Guild, and a house that you can enter and rob
of jewels and other valuables. It is situated
just southwest of the bridge on the Highton
Note: Zip file created by Donald Tidmore
56,233 01/09/20 THE ISLAND OF THE HYDRA v1.0 - An IGM for
that provides another quest for players who
finsihed the game. Players must find the boat
rental pier. Then they must sail to a distant
island where they will seek out and kill the
headed hydra.
From Mamoosoft Programming
14,763 01/09/20 Isle of the Phreaks ver 4.5
Lord 2 IGM
Author: Max (Phreak) Walton
A little island with lots of stuff to do!
A mall, healer, teleporting stone, a Keep is
for sale! In the keep is a weapons and armor
shop, a magical sea travel service, an inn,
and a bank in the inn, a table with the four
skystaff parts for a charge of $400 & more!
25,705 01/09/20 -= IceLord Keep (tm) v1.48 =-
A simple IGM for LORD2 v1.00 or
newer. Includes 13 new maps and
5 .ref files. EASY TO INSTALL!
18,141 01/09/20 KITERIA'S KASTLE v1.0
An IGM for LORD II where
users can meet Princess
Kiteria, the Guardian of
Fair Play. Kiteria will
divulge cheat secrets for
LORD I IGMs and tips for
Registration is FREE!!
From Mamoosoft Programming.
467,388 01/09/20 -= LORD2: New World V1.02 =-
ÛÛ °°²²Û ° °°²²Û °° °²²Û °° °²²Û °°²Û
²Û ::: LORD2 : NEW WORLD :: ÛÛÛßßßßßß
Þ² ° ° °°²²Û° °²²Û
Þ± The sequel to LORD. Real ÛÛÛ ÛÛÛ
° time multinode interactive ÞÛÛÝ ÛÛÛ
°Ü ansi mud. For local/BBS use. ÛÛÛÜÜÛÛÛ
20,805 01/09/20 -= Loki's Inn V1.03 for LORD2 =-
A Great IGM for LORD2 1.01a+
18 private rooms for your players
Innkeeper does Name and sex changes
Flirt with Hilda/Odin depending
on player sex. Bank, Weapons,
Armor and Goods dealer.
A must have.
Bug fix this version
Another FREEWARE release
by oDiN
440,505 01/09/20 -= Legend Of The Red Dragon 4.07 =-
From the ashes, the Dragon rides
again! Major release featuring
low cpu usage, cosmetic speed
improvements, edit most everything!
54,624 01/09/20 Mimsic Isle v1.17
Lord 2 IGM
Author: Jim Wilson
Incredibly tough IGM to finish but lots of
tasks on the way that can be handled by
players able to walk to the entrance on
North Shore, east of Sosen.
A player finished 1.16! 1.17 is harder.
15,469 01/09/20 -= Myst Ville v1.0 for LORD2 =-
A simple IGM for I made for LORD2.
Includes 4 new maps. Myst Ville is
a little town that is found by
touching a purple tree just south of
Flag City. Myst Ville includes an
inn, weapon store, Travel place,
Gamble House and a wishing house.
Created by Sejr Andersen aka FireHawk
10,731 01/09/20 =[ mythran's cottage : lord 2 igm ]=
buy potions & various items off this
old hermit, flirt with his georgeous
apprentice, slaughter the creatures
in the basement and reap the rewards
of his secret money making tree in
this awesome lord 2 add-on! this igm
provides non stop entertainment for
the whole family. registered version
of lord 2 is required. ( freeware! )
=[ (v1.12) written by heath axton ]=
11,279 01/09/20 NorthCape 1.0
Lord 2 IGM
Author: Stephen Walls
E-Mail: (ArticNight IGMs)
Freeware. NorthCape has become my favorite
Why? Because look at it! With NorthCape in
you venture into its heart, discover a
secret and are forced to take action? Make any
sence? I wrote this at 4am so just play it!
18,361 01/09/20 Ocean Adventure v1.00
Lord II IGM, 1.01 registered
Author: Michael Hutson
In this Lord2 IGM, you get to travel
at sea between the major ports, find
a pirate ship, a desert island, dive
to an undersea world, and fight the
legendary giant squid (well, octopus)
21,413 01/09/20 -= Odin's Keep V2.00 for LORD2 =-
A Fun IGM for LORD2 1.01a +
EASY INSTALL! Own the legendary
Keep. Comes fully stocked with
your own pet dragon, healer,
Swimming Pool and much more.
New this version - Bar with
male and female companions,
weapons and armour dealers, etc.
Redesigned Artwork + bug fix
8,511 01/09/20 Treehouse Password Man! v1.10 - LORD II IGM
Simple (but useful) IGM to allow users
another way to get the password for the
treehouse, by either paying for it, or
beating someone up for it!
Will work in the UNREGISTERED version
of LORD II: New World!
BUG FIX - Will now calculate the cost to buy
the password with relation to the
player's level, to allow continuity
of the game :)
16,918 01/09/20 Penyon Manor v1.5
Author: Max Lariv‚e
BBS: (450)679-7599
Find a new ownership and live in a
luxurious household where you even
have your personal commercial buyer
who gets you rid of your old stuff!
7,692 01/09/20 -= Photek's House v2.8 LORD2 =-
A simple IGM for LORD2 for beta7
or newer. Includes 2 new maps
and a .ref file. EASY INSTALL!
38,304 01/09/20 Pyramid's Place v1.20
Lord 2 IGM
Author: Scott Tolboe
Includes 11 new maps and a .ref file. If
you have any ? just e-mail me. This is my
first igm so don't expect that much from it.
It is like a little town located on the path
to the shrine and I have added 2 new items.
14,264 01/09/20 Q's Fortress v1.45
Lord 2 IGM
Author: Eric L. Bennett
Q's fortress is an ownable castle that
has many features, including a bar,
stables, sea travel, supplies, and
weapon/armor stores.
15,191 01/09/20 -= Quester V2.01 for LORD2 =-
A Great IGM for LORD2 1.01a+
Allows players to complete
a quest per day that involves
fighting against some major
enemies ! Very configurable.
New this version:
Added swimming at Tiny Lake
Rewrote a few routines,
2 Bug fixes + compatible with
other Lord II IGM's
Another FREEWARE release
by oDiN
2,887 01/09/20 The Red Dragon's Castle
Author: Adam Baran
A 1st creation by King Lucifer (aka Bloody
Knight) this does make sense if you read the
Daily Happenings every day...there's always
Dragon Tooth guarding a particular City/Town
from attacks...and it doesn't even need an
.ref file!!!!
7,223 01/09/20 The Red Dragon's Hide-Out v1.2
Lord 2 IGM
Author: James Baran aka King Lucifer
This is my 2nd IGM that I have made, this is
also probably the biggest one I've made and
it turned out just as I had imagined it
would. It took me close to 2 weeks to
complete, because i accidentally deleted it. please enjoy this King Lucifer creation
51,418 01/09/20 -=-=RED DRAGON TOWN v1.0=-=-
Now you can visit the town from LORD 1 in
LORD 2! (get it!?) After the DRAGON was
the town was named after the RED DRAGON...
in LORD 2 you can visit this town ONCE
Created by VooDoo KnighT - KNiGHTSoFT
9,737 01/09/20 Rustik Keep v1.00 for lord2
A neat little lord2 IGM that lets
you buy a building then collect profits
from its inn and healer..
You also get your own teleporter
and a key that lets you transport back
to Rustik Keep at any time.
By Soapman of Seersoft
2,281 01/09/20 @>---,---'---
Ralphie's Roses
This IGM adds a small hut west of Runion
Keep where players can buy a rose for $5
and send it to another player.
I would like to dedicate this IGM to my
father-in-law Fred Ledden, the real-life
owner of Ralphie's Roses.
Author : Jay Weber
(C) 1997 ShroomTrip Software
5,001 01/09/20 Saint's Shrine v1.0
Lord 2 IGM
Author: Stephen Walls
E-Mail: (ArticNight IGMs)
Freeware. This place kinda rocks because it
really helps newcomers out with stats. This
is located in the DarkForest, (hehe) and is
easy to locate. This IGM was very simple to
create & I look forward to moving it higher
in "class" Look for 2.0 VERY SOON!
6,895 01/09/20 Stonebrook Lodge v1.4 IGM for LORD II
An IGM for registered or unregistered
LORD II v1.0 or newer.
* Play a game *
* Win money draws *
* Get laid by Kayla *
* Heal for less money *
* Chat with other adventurers *
* Place ads in The Daily Happening *
18,418 01/09/20 SeaDeep Passage v1.3
Author: Max Lariv‚e [FieldSoft]
BBS: (450)679-7599
From the desert to Arris Island is a
large, humid, dark underground passage.
Travel under the sea in the caves, and
stop a mid-way to shop around at Mid Isle
Town, or buy you own shack!
10,011 01/09/20 Seth Able's Music Shop v2.2
Author: Max Lariv‚e [FieldSoft]
BBS: (450)679-7599
The good all Seth Able is back, and
any girl can go after him to flirt
with him, or ask him to sing which
inspires every warrior's day!
10,113 01/09/20 Seth Able's Music Shop v2.3
Author: Max Lariv‚e [FieldSoft]
Yes, Seth Able is the one who runs the
music shop of the Arris grasslands. But
like old times, people stop by and ask
him to sing your day's inspiration,
while ladies go wild for him as they
flirt with him!
13,652 01/09/20 The Smiths Farm v1.3
Author: Max Lariv‚e
BBS: (450)679-7599
In the BigWood Forest lays a nice and
warm farm, north of Sosen Village.
Refresh yourself with the generous
Farmer Smith and find the family
savings for your own account...
28,475 01/09/20 The Sea Fortress v2.1
Author: Max Lariv‚e [FieldSoft]
BBS: (450)679-7599
The Sea Fortress of Corin's father,
King Ptolimus. It is now a castle of
variety, where everything is possible,
shopping, eating, fishing, etc.
3,679 01/09/20 ÚÄÄÄÄÄÄ ÄÄÄÄÄÄ¿
³ Shangri La ³
³ ³
My second, better IGM
Nice, needs registered
³ LORD2 to use it. ³
³ Thanks ³
6,776 01/09/20 Sharks' Tooth Island v1.21
A new village for Lord 2, where you can
chat with 3 different people, buy items,
weapons, and armor, get healed, use the
bank, buy travel tickets and maybe find
Thunderblade, who will teleport you to
2 towns, or to your mothers house.
Author : Jay Weber
(C) 1997 ShroomTrip Software
21,534 01/09/20 SandLand Village v2.1
Author: Max Lariv‚e [FieldSoft IGMs]
A nomadic camp set in the desert where
everyday is a sunny day! Do your
shopping, or stay with the locals to
brawl for strength, learn to dance, and
flirt at the Lemonade Stand.
53,105 01/09/20 The Sword Castle v2.0
Author: Michael Naeseth aka MeRCeR
A new city with chances to get money, items,
food, fish, and all kinds of stuff, comes w/
a tower you can buy, built in quest, caves,
gambling, and much much more! Also replaces
quest.ref to make deliveries available to
this new city! Have fun with this one....
54,298 01/09/20 THE STAR TREK BAR. Version 2.01.
Biggest and Best IGM for LORD 2 Yet!
With over 115k of refs! 1/4 of total
Features Picard, Riker, Data, Troi,
Beverly, Wesley, Quark, Morn, Rom,
Dabo Girls, a Dabo Table, an Inn
and 5 holosuites, a hospital, the
Boss, an ATM, a Move Bank, your own
transporter, and a few surprises!
Freeware, by Justin Beck.
8,450 01/09/20 -= The Crazy Wizard 0.94 =-
This is another IGM for LORD2. A simple
addon that will add a character called
The Crazy Wizard to the game. Get some
cash or a potion from him or just talk
to him for clues on how to finish the
doorgame. Freeware!
þ Isengard BBS: (065)-4663540
7,440 01/09/20 þÄÍÄ Magi lord2igm v7ÄÍÄþ
³ Two additional characters for³
³the Red Dragon Inn [Greetree].³
³A wizard who can sense 40!IGMs³
³and teleport players there... ³
129,331 01/09/20 -= House of the
Incredible Tensions =-
An IGM for Lord II that
expands the story of the red dragon,
creates 16 new screens, a complex
adventure that leads to a whole new
ending for those who have already
finished the game! From the author
of The Looes Screw Resort and
MafiaVille. (Freeware)
290,555 01/09/20 þ Planets: TEOS V2.01 - Doorgame þ
True interactive multinode node play
for any dos based BBS. Hundreds of
new features - Cartels, IGM Support,
smart NPC's! 98% new/rewritten code.
12,102 01/09/20 *--=* Tower of Krystal 1.00*=--*
A Quest IGM for LORD ][!
Meet the Lady of the Tower,
Visit the Healer or Item
Store! Can you solve it?
5,065 01/09/20 -= Torin Castle V1.3 for Lord2 =-
New Castle for lord2. Written
by the creator of the Death
Knights Gang House.Easy to setup!
Distribute freely.
From Mamoosoft Programming.
This IGM adds an institute of higher
learning to the Greater Arrisville
area. Visit the Campus Chapel.
Try to find a professor in the
Classroom Building. Visit the
Alchemy and Physics Departments.
But be careful in the Dorms, you
never know what you might find there!
Registration is FREE!!
11,719 01/09/20 +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-Red Dragon Inn Flirt IGM By
| An IGM for LORD2 by Canucksoft. Players can
| Inn and flirt with Violet. If the player is
a gi
| with the irresistable Seth Able himself! All
| Ver. 1.1
19,429 01/09/20 Violet's House v2.7
Author: Max Lariv‚e [FieldSoft]
BBS: (450)679-7599
Find the good all Violet every one
always loved. Flirt with her at the
Inn, or marry her and live with her
at her house of Greentree.
18,505 01/09/20 Dragon's Volcano v1.3
Author: Max Lariv‚e [FieldSoft]
BBS: (450)679-7599
A mysterious Volcanic Island has
been discovered, where pirates are
now reported disappeared. Strange
creatures lies there, what else?
16,702 01/09/20 -=The Wedding Chapel IGM v1.00=-
An IGM for LORD II v1.00 or newer.
Want to show that special someone
that you really care. Stop by The
Wedding Chapel and give them the
ultimate gift.
31,830 01/09/20 -=-=- The Warrior's Graveyard ver 1.0 for
Lord2 -
Visit this mysterious Graveyard, and interact
it's inhabitants. Find the secret ghosts, or
Tech'N Software - Lloyd Hannesson
3,550 01/09/20 Wizard's Tower 2.0 IGM for Lord2
Add 2 more levels to the Wizard's
Tower and enjoy a Disco room,
A Bed, A Throne, and a Travel
Freeware - By James Jones
The Shadow BBS (850)864-4292
11,967 01/09/20 -= The Wizard's Castle for LORD2 =-
A simple IGM for LORD2. Includes
3 new maps and two REF files. EASY
INSTALL! The Wizard's Castle v1.3
An IGM for LORD II that allows users
to sleep overnight in the unregistered
portion of Lord II and even has a
Maze upstairs where you can search
for a hidden treasure. Totally
FREEWARE!!! From Bobby Queen and
Mamoosoft Programming.
10,006 01/09/20 Ä- Woodland Underground v1.00a -Ä
This IGM for LORD 2 adds an
underground city with a general
store, museum, sheriff, and
an ownable bar!
9,802 01/09/20 The Wishing Well v1.2
Author: David Loranger [FieldSoft]
A single well, in a secluded forest...
It is tempting to go see it. Maybe drop
a gold or a thousand! Is it just a
legend? What lies at the bottom of the
well that would grand such wishes?
11,663 01/09/20 -= Xena's House V.2.00 =-
Small IGM for LORD2 thats
adds a house in the Green-
tree fields which Xena
lives in. Interesting
(Free registration)
(C) Quineska Software 1999
8,988 01/09/20 Xena's House v3.00 - LoRD2: New World IGM
Small IGM for LORD2 thats
adds a house in the Green-
tree fields which Xena
lives in. Interesting
(C) Quineska Software 1999
& 2001
57,200 02/19/23 Across The Tracks v5.10
RTE200 patch revision
-=-FreeWare Lord IGM-=-=-
Explore the ghetto on the
other side of the tracks.
30,332 02/19/23 Adoption Market v1.16 LORD IGM
RTE200 patch update.
Freeware IGM - Let's you adopt
kids and put your own kids up for
adoption! Very Good IGM Idea!!
-=-= v1.15 - BUG FIX =-=-
-= v1.16 - RunTime Error 200 fix.
156,857 02/19/23 °±²þVASoft's LORD Menu ChangerþÛ²±°
³ ÛÜ ÜÛ Ûßßß ÛÜ Û Û Û
³ Û ß Û Ûßß Û ßÜÛ Û Û
³ ß ß ßßßß ß ß ßß ú
³ ÜßßÜ Û Û ÛßßÛ ÛÜ Û Ûßßß Ûßßß ÛßßÜ ù
³ Û Ü ÛßßÛ ÛßßÛ Û ßÜÛ Û ßÛ Ûßß ÛßßÜ ³
³ ßß ß ß ß ß ß ß ßßßß ßßßß ß ß ³
³VASoft's Menu Changer is a program ³
³for people that are sick of that ³
³'Green' color on L.O.R.D, now you can³
³choose from: Light Blue, Dark Blue, ³
³Purple, Yellow, Red and more... FREE!³
³°±²þFrom the maker of DeAtH lOrDþÛ²±°³
-=ðð´ Clomp's LORD Editors v1.0 Ãðð=-
³ A Radically Different Editor ³
³ for Legends of the Red Dragon. ³
³ A Monster Editor is included! ³
³ ³
³ ì 5 Minute Installation ³
³ ì Supports LORD colors ³
³ ì Free updates via web site: ³
³ ³
-=ðð´ Copyright 1997 Clomp Corp. Ãðð=-
80,854 02/19/23 Castle of L.O.R.D. v2.30 LORD IGM
Hex-edit patch update released on 05/14/2007.
IGM created by Trevor Herndon. Based upon
v2.20's RTE200 Patch Update. Allows access
to all IGM events including The Palace and
The Arena. Authorized IGM update created
and distributed by Donald Tidmore.
104,694 02/19/23 Crossroads Inn V1.0 - LORD IGM
Provides a secure place for players to
log off, if you don't like user fights
in your LORD game. Also features a Monk
who trades Experience, Strength, etc.
for User Fights. Uses compiled
QuickBasic and EasyDoor. By Craig Lang
Released on October 21th, 2005.
Distributed to Fidonet, etc. on
February 22nd, 2006.
59,760 02/19/23 LORD ADD-ON
Deluxe Lord Editor! V1.60 Includes:
Very Nice player editor, Enemy
editor, and the one, possibly the
menu editor, allows you to load
and save menus/screens from
ANSI and LORD colour codes! It
also has built in mouse support!
Now auto-detects extended text
modes. Bug release, fixes ANSI
saving bug in menu editor.
(c) 1996 CyST Productions.
28,368 02/19/23 DLLORD20 is a menu set and monster set.
Designed f
V-3.55 RPG by Seth Able Robinson. DLLORD20 is
From Dark Lair Software.
31,525 02/19/23 LordEvent v1.6! For L.O.R.D. v3.25+
Create 100% configurable random daily
events. Add anything, write anything,
powerful editor, FREEWARE! By SOS!
119,991 02/19/23 -=-=- Felicity's Temple v2.1 LORD IGM -=-=-
A new IGM for LORD. Explore this Ancient
Temple. Meet Felicity, and her disciples
Try to find the Janitor! Pray for Stats!
Easy Configuration and Set-up!!
Tech'N Software - Lloyd Hannesson
161,999 02/19/23 Fairy Town v1.10 LORD IGM - RTE200 Patch
Visit Fairy Town and discover it's
hidden secrets. Adoptions. Games.
Fight the Giants! Find the Amazon or
the Trojan Warrior, if you can!
Exchange your Gems for Potions. Try
your luck at the Poker Casino too.
Catch a Fairy or set your Fairy free
for very special rewards! Fully
multinode capable. Super-easy install.
Patched to fix RTE200 errors, version
# changed to v1.10.
127,662 02/19/23 The Gateway v1.3 LORD IGM
** Freeware IGM by Jason Brown.
** Maintained by Donald Tidmore.
** Offically released on 06/09/2005.
** Official distribution on 06/11/05.
** NOT for use with LORD/32 Beta.
For LORD 3.25+ - This program allows
scripts called RHPs to be created and
ran as if they were full IGMs! From
the author of The L.O.R.D. Cavern,
5,105 02/19/23 Garrison's Training Center v1.0 for Legend
of th
Enter the Training Center to receive some
extra he
Red Dragon. Train with Court early on, and
once y
advanced warrior, train with the Great
Garrison, h
your strength, defense, and endurance every
Requires LORD 3.5 or higher and The Gateway
IGM 1.
100,773 02/19/23 The Nice Hag v2.30 LORD IGM
-- By Donald Tidmore
* v2.00 - released on May 06, 2003.
* v2.10 - released on June 04, 2003.
* v2.14 - released October 03, 2003.
* v2.30 - Released March 20, 2004.
Rescue an old lady who's lost in the
Forest, and escort her home. Her
sister, the Old Hag, welcomes you with
a downright HAPPY personality. See what
goodies she and her sister will grant
you. Usable 1-5 times per day.
Strength points gain during Healing
265,723 02/19/23 Hiding In The Shadows v3.00 LORD IGM
** By Donald Tidmore. ** For DOS LORD.
** Officially released on Oct. 03rd, 2007.
** Includes CONVHITS and SHADEDIT utilities.
Explore an underground lair of thieves. Visit
Conan, use ATM, Garden of Lust, Wishing Well,
Hall of Illusions, Corridor of Destiny, Zelda
the Wise, Sleep overnight. Visit Weapons Shop
or Armoury. See SHADOWS3.TXT for more info.
** Freeware IGM.
369,420 02/19/23 Inter-LORD 1.50 Inter-BBS Gaming for LORD by
G.A.C. Computer Services provides an easy to
use Inter-BBS option for LORD. NOW USES
BRE HOST style routing system using file
attaches. Works with our without The Realm
of Vanadia Series of Inter-IGMs. It has many
advanced features, many ANSI graphics, RIP,
lots of user interaction, and solid game
play. Major upgrade, new features, and all
reported bugs have been fixed. Only $5.00!
5,067 02/19/23 Inter-Lord Packet Routing Transport
Utility (ILROUTER.EXE) for ILord v1.50
(Realm of Vanadia series from G.A.C.)
Uses normal Fido Netmail to Route game
packet updates instead of attachments.
159,107 02/19/23 Jadov v1.70p - LORD IGM
-- RTE200 patch update. For LORD v3.50+
Jadov v1.60 beta:
** Price Drop ** :) Massive things
Added... Tons to do, this will be the
most kick-ass IGM ever.. Just wait and
see! More than 30 areas to explore...
(and those are Main areas, which break
down into over hundreds of things to
do!) So download me already.
77,256 02/19/23 K. L. Bank Player Database Editor v1.40
** Officially released on Sept. 18th, 2007.
KLBEDIT utility by Donald Tidmore. -- For
use with Kiteria's LORD Bank v1.60 or v1.70.
** Freeware. ** For DOS LORD use only.
** See KLBEDIT.TXT for further details.
73,622 02/19/23 Dragon's Castle v2.53 LORD IGM
Authorized RTE200 Patch update
ANSI INtro, Status Line, Graveyard,
Temple, Castle, Tavern, Bank, Energy
Shop, Weapons, Armour, Dice, New Bard,
Ruffles, Prince(ss), King ... Better
'N Better. By Kaolin Fire Stockinger
RTE200 Fix released on Aug. 01, 2002.
58,163 02/19/23 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
Knight's Of The Golden Horseshoe IGM
for L.O.R.D. 3.50 +
Version .65 (beta)...
A little different twist to IGM
The 1st. IGM to allow sleeping
somewhere other than the Inn!!
Easy to install, and configure.
Registration: Only $5.00
41,920 02/19/23 LordCops v2.00 for LORD v4.05 or 4.07
Police that patrol your LORD Game!
Prostitution arrest, assault & battery, etc!
Freeware! Comes with Source!
Michael Preslar -
238,507 02/19/23 LordNet v1.4N BETA - LORD Companion
Another large beta release on the way to
version 1.5! Make your LORD Game InterBBS!
REQUIRES LORD 3.55+!!! More features than
any other InterBBS Game! Now with extensive
documentation! Fully RIPped, Brigades,
Up to 75,000 players, 999 different zones,
10+ Coordinator Options -*NOT AVAILABLE*-
in any other I-BBS Game! Full Cheat &
Level Checking! Join the CROWD!
151,288 02/19/23 LordNet Key Generator Utility
For LordNet v1.40n. Owned by Michael Preslar.
21,541 02/19/23 Monster Editor for Legend of the Red Dragon
A robust, flexible monster editor for
Legend of the Red Dragon by Seth Able.
Add that fresh spark to your LORD game!
Turbo C source code included.
This program is FREEWARE.
By Life Force.
7,348 02/19/23 -= LordRecover =-
Recover those PLAYER.DATs that Lord
refuses to read! Will attempt to
recreate a PLAYER.DAT from ones that
75,058 02/19/23 LordStat v2.20 LORD Bulletin Generator
** Officially released on Nov. 27th, 2007.
** Utility -- For DOS LORD and LORD/32 usage.
** Freeware. ** Developed & Maintained by
Donald Tidmore for its author Jason Brown.
Allows users to create LORD Bulletins that
cover most of the LORD player database stats.
** See the LORDSTAT.TXT file for more info.
57,648 02/19/23 Oddware Software Group Presents
Lord2html v2.0 by Eli Sanford
Converts LORD's Player list, Yesterdays &
today ne
Based on code by Stephen Hurd
38,092 02/19/23 --=== PHAZE SOFTWARE PRESENTS ===---
LORDGIFT v1.1 - LORD add-on utility.
Runs from nightly maintainence to
give each of your players a gift.
Gifts range from gold to skill points
to sex changes to bonus weapons/armor.
7.5% chance of LOSING from 10 to 50%
of your gold. 92.5% chance of a free
bonus for your charactors.
Phaze Software home BBS:
Chaos' Cavern 14.4 502-333-5570
31,587 02/19/23 LORD Monster Expansion, v1.0
Add custom monsters to Legend of the
Red Dragon, version 3.20a! This is
not just another monster editor, this
allows you to increase the number of
monsters in your game. Allows you to
add and edit monsters. Newest version
allows you to import and export
monsters to share with others. Developed
by TC Software þ Shareware only $3.00!
43,971 02/19/23 Midsummer's Dreamø
Version 2.1
An IGM for Legend of the Red Dragon.
Find the Magical Fairy gathering, and
spend a few minutes with these fun
little creatures.
Easy to Install and Setup !
Daimar Systems - David Holderness
49,353 02/19/23 øThe Oasis of El-Sayalø
Version 1.09
A new IGM for Legend of the Red Dragon.
Trade, intrigue, and ancient mysteries.
Explore the southern deserts and solve
the various quests.
Negative bug has been fixed!!
Daimar Systems - David Holderness
34,132 02/19/23 Old Man v2.20 LORD IGM
-- RTE200 patch update
Old Man for LORD v3.26+.
An animated test of archery, and
fair prizes, unlike some other IGMs.
Fixes kids, re-entry, and some menu
470,001 02/19/23 Que's LORD Monster Editor is (probably) the
first such program written for MS Windows. If
your BBS is running under Windows, or if you
maintain your system from a Windows
then this program will give you one less
to drop to DOS.
54,984 02/19/23 Forest of the Ravenø
Version 2.3
An IGM for Legend of the Red Dragon.
Explore the Northern Forest and try to
find the Castle of the Raven Queen ...
Anti-cheat System,
Random Events, Magic Weapons, Riddles,
ANSI combat sequence.
Easy Set-up !
Daimar Systems - David Holderness
55,315 02/19/23 Forest of the Raven v2.40 LOD IGM
-- RTE200 patch update
An IGM for Legen of the Red Dragon.
Explore the Northern Forest and try
to find the Castle of the Raven Queen
... Anti-cheat System, Random Events,
Magic Weapons, Riddles, ANSI combat
sequence. Easy Set-up ! Daimar Systems
- David Holderness
46,534 02/19/23 The RT World Editor v1.4
Copyright 1998, Chris Vallinga
This is an editor for RTREADER
worlds. RTREADER is the engine
that runs LORD II: New World.
Mouse support + block functions.
206,325 02/19/23 The Ruined Castle v2.30 LORD IGM
** Officially released on Nov. 30th, 2007.
** RuinEdit v1.00 released on Nov. 30, 2007.
** By Donald Tidmore. ** Freeware program.
Explore inside/outside a ruined castle. Visit
Castle Ghost, Fight Ogre, Fight Vampire, Find
Lost Kids. Now includes a Player Database
Editor. See RUINCAST.TXT for more info.
36,489 02/19/23 Shauna, The Princess of Sorcery
L.O.R.D. IGM version 2.10p
- Authorized RTE200 patch
Ask Shauna for her magical powers
and she may grant your wish!
Now supports L.O.R.D. 3.50!
A lot less generous to avoid
in imbalance in L.O.R.D.
- FREEWARE - by David Simmons.
78,277 02/19/23 Hiding In The Shadows P. D. Editor v1.10
** Officially released on Oct. 03rd, 2007.
-- Player Database Editor utility (SHADEDIT).
-- LORD IGM utility by Donald Tidmore.
-- For use with Hiding In The Shadows v2.75+
Beta IGM. ** Not usable with HITS v2.70.
** Freeware. ** For DOS LORD usage only.
** See SHADEDIT.TXT for further details.
112,871 02/19/23 LORD Stables IGM Ver 1.5 for LORD 3.53+
An IGM for LORD that let's players buy
and sell horses! Sounds kinda' dumb,
but useful for SysOps that like to keep
cheating to a minimum by running few or
no IGMs. I think I did a good job
cuz I'm one of those SysOps! Lot's
of bug fixes from previous releases!
Much better now!
Written by: Jason Kyle Parish
98,619 02/19/23 LORD Suburbia v2.00 -- a LORD IGM.
Buy your own cottage in the woods of
LORD! Visit the Church, deposit
gold at the Bank. Talk to the Law
Man. Spy on neighbors! Major bug
fix/update! 9th Full Release!
22,455 02/19/23 UnCheat v1.0. THE utility to prevent
users from cheating in LORD. It
checks the player's hit points, kids,
charm, strength, and defense for an
"overflow" value defined by you. If
it is over the defined value, it will
be lowered to that value. Allows
exemption of up to 255 users.
!!FREEWARE!! By Lazor Software.
189,578 02/19/23 The Medieval Tournament of Vanadia TM 1.00
LORD IGM by G.A.C. Computer Services. Eight
unique and addictive ANSI Arcade Games
provide the basis for the tournament. Become
the best in your realm and receive a bonus
for the day! Your users have never seen an
IGM like this before! This IGM is excellent
for Inter-LORD, and has support that will
allow blind callers using voice terminals to
play all the games!! Simply the best yet!
209,725 02/19/23 Violet's Cottage II v1.20 LORD IGM
v1.20 was released on October 12, 2005.
** By Donald Tidmore.
** For DOS LORD usage only.
* Includes VIO2EDIT Player Editor v1.00.
Officially released on Oct. 12, 2005.
VIO2EDIT was created in August 2005 as
an IGM Player Database Editor. It is
used to edit edit database records, and
has New Day for Player, and Search for
Player options.
54,677 02/19/23 Violet's Cottage v5.30 LORD IGM
Romp through the forest with Violet's
family! This update contains improved
file i/o, updated comm drivers, and
color code support! Unreg bug fixed!
by Trevor Herndon;
RTE200 Patch update version 5.30 done
by Donald Tidmore on Trevor's behalf.
Total files: 138 (8mb)
Filename Size Date Description
28,329 12/22/19 WxMan v1.14 - WEATHER BULLETIN GENERATOR
WxMan calls the DUAT weather service (a toll
free call) and downloads local, regional,
zone, and recreational forecasts for your
area, then formats them for use as BBS
bulletins. Current support includes
ANSI/ASCII, Wildcat, PCBoard, RoboBOARD/FX,
and Searchlight. Requires FOSSIL driver.
Registration $10.
Total files: 1 (0mb)
Renegade BBS
Filename Size Date Description
8,314 12/22/19 °±²Û Logon Message v1.1 Û²±° by DRS -
This simple Renegade 7-17 and later utility
broadcast to all nodes that a user is logging
when it is run. Now without those annoying @-
29,320 12/22/19 ..................................
Sample Pull-down style menus for
Renegade BBS systems. Elegant!
76,082 12/22/19 Renegade Documentation for the 12-25áeta
From the GS Connection BBS - 207/799-9080.
Renegade Support Board.
Total files: 3 (0mb)
Filename Size Date Description
55,334 12/22/19 Post Master v1.14 - Command line message
utility f
Total files: 1 (0mb)
Filename Size Date Description
69,442 02/15/18 MBBSHTML v1.0: Creates HTML web pages of
Mystic BBS file area listings. 100%
based on templates. Used to maintain the
file pages on! Includes
Windows and Linux binaries.
0 10/31/19 A 100% true alien case. That happened to me
0 12/06/19 NetFoss 1.22R - Windows Telnet FOSSIL driver
Fast 32-bit FOSSIL driver for Windows (x86)-
10/8/7/Vista/XP/2000/2003/2008. Allows DOS
BBS software communications over TCP/IP using
Telnet. Compatible with Serial COM ports and
virtual modems. The NFU utility allows a DOS
BBS to spawn DOS or Win32 (DOOR32) processes.
* Includes Open Source Net2BBS Telnet Server.
* This update provides even lower CPU usage!
Freeware from PC Micro -
0 12/06/19 RETRONET INFOPACK +--+ ___ +-----------------
__ / / __
____(\_________)/____/ /_____(\_____ __)/__
\_ _ _ (/ /\ _____ _ // _ /_
/ /\__// \__/_/ /___/ /\__// (/___/
/___/ \_ _____ \__/ /____\
/_____/ \____\ gRK ___
__ __ / /
FTN - QWK - FTP ___)/__________)/____/ /__
Network \_ _ __ (/ /\ ___/
dedicated to / (/ \/ \__/_/ /___
retro gaming /___/ /\_ _____ \
and computing! /____/ /_____/ \____\
------------+ Telnet://
5,829,075 12/06/19 No Description
9,670 12/06/19 VKRadio Infopack
VKRadio is a BBS network dedicated to radio
communication hobbyists of all types,
amateur (ham) radio, CB radio, scanner
short wave listening, Software Defined Radio
and other aspects of radio communication.
15,669 12/10/19 MusicalNet Info Packet
- Date: 2017-09-15
MusicalNet is a QWK-Based message network
focusing on music topics, including musical
instruments and music in general. The main
hub BBS is Digital Distortion:
13,026 12/10/19 This archive contains all the
information and instructions
for connecting to Whisper Echo
Net via QWK networking
readme.txt -- General Info
wenqwk.syn -- SynchBBS HowTo
wenqwk.mys -- MysticBBS HowTo
wenqwk.lst -- QWK Echo List
17,743 12/22/19 A2R v1.00 - Ansi to Rip conversion
utility. Converts ANSI screens to
RIP format for use with new RIP
standard terminals. Fully functional
user supported software. $20.00 (US)
2,288 12/31/19 Some simple .ANS screens (Blue and Red sets).
email / file / message
48,344,453 08/02/20 No Description
6,089 05/25/23 Text file with information on how to use the
scripting feature in the Netrunner software.
Download Netrunner client from
download section to start using the Netrunner
scripting language. This text file covers the
basics of how to use the Netrunner scripting
language for your textmode sessions.
Total files: 12 (51mb)
Spitfire BBS
Filename Size Date Description
19,576 12/22/19 Uses Caller's name and your text to create
personalized GOODBYE.CLR and GOODBYE.BBS
screens. FAST! Supports over 10 BBS Types!!!
BDSoft Programming...A SysOp's Dream!
169,750 12/22/19 ®¯®¯®¯®¯®¯®¯ CALLGRAF 93.08 ®¯®¯®¯®¯®¯®¯
Processes comprehensive
³ Ü Û Ü ³ call/time usage stats in
³Ü Û Û Û Û Û Ü³ an ANSI/ASCII bar graph.
ÀÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÙ Powerful & configurable.
Written for all types of BBS software.
25,855 12/22/19 Deep Thoughts Generator v1.0 by Aquarius
-182 Deep Thoughts for any BBS program
-Creates ASCII and ANSI Deep Thought files
-Optionally include BBS pause string at end
36,991 12/22/19 SF Last Ten RIP Creation! v1.1.
Creates A Nice RIP Display Of
The Last Ten Callers. Freeware!
Now with Security Blocking.
266,584 12/22/19 ÕÍÍÍÄ[ SF-MASTERÿRelease Version 3.41 ]ÄÍÍ͸
³ Complete SPITFIREÿ3.4 Managment System ³
³ ë HIGH QUALITY Shareware From Canada ë ³
ÔÍÄ[ AccuTech Software ]ÄÍÍÍÄ[ 11-11-93 ]Ä;
Total files: 5 (0mb)
DreamWARE by Andy Stewart
Filename Size Date Description
68,197 12/22/19 ÉÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄþ[ Acey Deucy v1.4 ]þÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ»
³é Acey Deucy, also known as é³
³ 'Between the Sheets' and 'High-Low' ³
³ 100% Ansi graphics. Supports all the ³
³ most popular BBS' including WildCat!, ³
³ PCB, WWIV, SpitFire, TriBBS, and more! ³
³ OS/2, DesqVIEW & Windows compatable. ³
³ Multi-node Compatable! NOT CRIPPLED! ³
³é $10 Registration --- A Must See é³
ÈÄÄÄÄÄþ[ DreamWARE Communications ]þÄÄÄÄļ
47,625 12/22/19 ÚÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄþ Announce! v1.2 þÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ¿
³é A GREAT Announcement Door! é³
³ This is your BBS' own running ³
³ 'NewsRoom'. Run it as a logon ³
³ event and/or Door. Fully editable ³
³ messages/news. Now with RIP grafix! ³
³ Supports all the most popular BBS' ³
³ NOT CRIPPLED!!! $10 Registration ³
³é Always Read WHAT.NEW ! é³
ÀÄÄÄÄÄÄÄþ DreamWARE Communications þÄÄÄÄÄÙ
46,146 12/22/19 ÚÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄAdopt Me!Äv1.3ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ¿
³é The 'Door Adoption' Concept! é³
³ Ask you users for donations to adopt ³
³ your unregistered doors. Just run ³
³ this pgm in a batchfile before or ³
³ after the door. If adopted, a thank- ³
³ you message is shown. Now with Rip! ³
³ Supports all the most popular BBS' ³
³é NOT CRIPPLED!!! $10 Registration é³
71,629 12/22/19 ÉÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄþ[ BlackJack Dice v1.1 ]þÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ»
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